Monday, February 18, 2008

Personality, Appearance, Money - What Is More Important?

There are lots of surveys on how to impress a woman or a man on the first date. But all these suggestions are only about appearance. Speaking about girls, different researchers give tips on how to dress and how to behave to impress a man. Their tips for men are slightly different. There are no tips on how to dress, but there are tips what car to choose for the first date, what flowers to give, etc.

Today nobody advises to be yourself, to be polite, listen to your date, etc. But I think, personality is much more important that the impression you produce with the help of some material things. Cars, flowers, dresses help only to show off and prank but they will hardly make a girl/man to go out on a date with you once again, if you are just a doll or a foppish man. Of course, if your date is not as shallow-brained as you are…

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Forbidden Fruit Is the Sweetest One

St. Valentine’s Day is coming. Many lovers are wandering along stores looking for the best gifts to buy for their beloved people. Men are purchasing chocolate and red roses in tons. I like Valentine’s Day…

I have always thought that Valentine’s Day is a unanimous holiday that is celebrated all over the world. But yesterday I heard that not all countries celebrate this holiday. More over it is banned in some Islamic countries.

So, it is forbidden to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia. The government believes that Valentine’s Day is an immoral holiday that provokes fornication. Fornication is considered to be a sin in many Islamic countries and Saudi Arabian government decided to forbid St. Valentine Day in order to keep its citizens from the sin.

The strangest thing about this prohibition is that the government forbade selling and buying roses. So, many men who still want to give flowers to their beloved woman on this holiday have to buy the flowers illegal. The prices on red roses have skyrocketed for the last few weeks and the red rose black market made huge sums of money on selling the flowers. So, the question is, haven’t Saudi Arabian government pushed its people to even more sin? As the saying goes, a forbidden fruit is the sweetest one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Credit Card Companies Increase Minimum Payments

The Federal Reserve cut the primary rates. The rise of minimum payments is the first result. Many credit card companies have increased their minimum payments.
Well, it is good news on one hand. This rise can push many debtors to pay off their debts as soon as possible. It is a well known fact, if you pay more than minimum payments every month you will pay off your debt on the credit card quicker and will save on interest charges.
But on the other hand, not all debtors can afford themselves to pay more than a minimum payment. So, there is a chance that this rise of minimum payments will only push them into bigger debt.
It seems, that the recent credit card crisis will cause more problems than we had expected.