Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Generation Gap

I visited my parents last week-end. They live in another city and I visit them really rare. I miss them and was happy to spend time with them.
But there was a problem. My parents are used to wake up toooo early. Even in the week-ends. They always get up at 9 or even 8 a.m. Every morning I was hearing them wandering about the house, speaking in the kitchen, watching morning news… I woke up and could not fall asleep again. But I HATE to get up early in the morning. My parents don’t understand my habit to sleep till noon and I can’t prove them that I feel bad when I get up early. We can’t understand each other on this question. Generation gap:((
Well, I didn’t have my sleep out in the week-end. It is really bad, because I can’t have enough sleep during the week. Waiting forward for the week-end when I will be able to lie in till noon…

Monday, April 14, 2008

Do You Like Design of Your Credit Card?

Do you like the design of your credit card? Have you ever thought to change it?
Well, I like my plastic, Blue from American Express, but it looks too plain. Nothing special. Of course, Gold and Platinum credit cards look more attractive but their attractiveness is due to the prestige they give a cardholder but not thanks to their design.
So, credit card companies considered the fact that many consumers pay attention not only to the features of a credit card but to its design too.
Capital One has introduced credit cards with an individual design. Now you can obtain a credit card that will have your picture, a picture of your boy/girlfriend, or your pet’s picture on the credit card. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
Personally I have already chosen a picture of me for my new credit card…

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am too Lazy

I am too lazy!! Really lazy!
Yesterday I should have gone to fitness classes but I felt so lazy that I decided not to go and stay at home. Well, I like fitness classes but sometimes I just can’t make myself to go to the gym hall. Just can’t…
Moreover during the last few months I prefer to stay at home and don’t want to go out. I can’t make myself to go to cinema, a cafĂ©, or anywhere else. Just because it so much easier to stay at home and watch TV, read books, or just do nothing. I can’t say that I have some serious problems in my life and staying at home I hide from the life. But I just have no intention to leave my apartment. Just because I am tooooo lazy. Is something wrong with me?