Friday, June 27, 2008

Do You Overspend On Make-Up?

How much money you spend on make-up per month? Recently, I have come across results of a research that showed that most women spend much more on make-up than they need.
I checked my cosmetic box and found that there are many things that I never use, several lipsticks of the same color, useless things. Well, researchers point out that women tend to overspend on make-up. Many of us buy lipsticks, eye shadows, lotions, etc without any necessity. For instance, you have a little time after lunch or right after your work, what would you do? Many girls prefer to go shopping. Most of us can control our spendings on clothes but beauty treatment is a quite different thing. Lots of women buy a lipstick or rouge every day. So, only at the end of the month we realize how much we spend.
How to save money? First, stop looking in beauty shops every day. Try to buy only the things you really need. For this, examine your cosmetic box. Make a list of things you need and follow the list when you go shopping.
Try to control your spending habits and you will see that you make more money that you have thought.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Rest Is Hard Work

Do you like travelling? Are you going to take a trip on summer vacation? Certainly, travelling is great. Do you want to get only positive emotions from your trip? Plan your vacation.
I think, if you want to have a good rest you should take pains to plan your vacation and to keep in mind every detail: hotel rooms, tickets, necessary meds, etc.
Decide what you want. For instance, you are going to visit Europe. You want to look in ancient castles, museums, historic places. Mind, you needn’t to pay all the offered excursions in your tour office. First, come to Europe. There you will learn more about the tours and will be able to choose the places you really want to visit.
Plan your time during the vacation. If you prefer to lie on the beach and do nothing, you need no plans. But if your aim is to learn something new and to visit as much interesting places as possible, make a plan. Make a list of places you want to visit. Plan everyday of your vacation, and you will never regret that you miss something special.
Mind, good rest is hard work. Take your pains and prepare every detail for future holidays. And you will get only positive emotions from your trip.