Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Best Valentine's Day Present

Hey, people! Are you looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart? Give him/her an all-chocolate room. Just imagine, a room with chocolate walls, furniture, pictures on the walls, and even candles on the dining-table.

I wish I could spend a day in such a chocolate room. The only “but” is chocolate tends to melt, I wonder how much time a human being can spend in a chocolate room before it begins to melt. But what an experience! I think it is a great invention!

I do envy Ali Larter who takes part in ads of this unusual Valentine’s gift. She is really lucky!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is IT Right?

I was wandering along the streets yesterday. There was a thing that shocked me. I saw moms with kids in several places and all of that moms were screaming at their mischievous children. I can’t understand why there is so much cruelty around? Why a mother should scream at or spank her kid for misbehavior?

Well, I am not a mother yet, but I think screaming and spanking is cruel and useless. It leads to nothing but to a child’s tears and screaming in return… I think it is awful!

Friday, January 25, 2008

What to Expect on US Credit Market?

Everyone is concerned about credit crisis and stock market fall in the USA. The Federal Reserve announced about the prime rate reduction. Well, it is good news, on the one hand. Now debtors will have an opportunity to start paying their debt and save some money on interest charges.

But on the other hand, if banks cut interest rates they are sure to raise fees. It is bad news. But we, plain consumers, can do nothing but wait what will happen next.

You can read the article What Are We to Expect on the cRedit card Market and you will learn what experts think about this crisis.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I was Shocked...

Today I was shocked by the news about a woman who tried to kill her newborn twins. It is awful! I always thought that a mother will die for her children if it will be necessary. I thought that a woman who has just born a child should be happy as a queen, and there should be no problems that can keep a new mother from feeling happy about her children. We see all these happy scenes in films, but what we see in reality. Women have become cruel. Every day on TV and in newspapers we see mothers who cruelly beat their children or what is worse who try to kill them. But why does it happen? What makes women do it?

Monday, January 21, 2008

What Is More Important Common Sense or Popularity?

I have recently come across a picture of Victoria Beckham. I was shocked! She is so skinny!

It seems, as if she has been hardly eating something for weeks! It is awful! Doesn’t she understand that she is looking starving!

I think, being skinny doesn’t mean to look beautiful. And the worst thing about Victoria is that she is a mother and a celebrity! What an example she is for her sons and millions of teen-age girls who take after her? Doesn’t she think that starving in order to be skinny like a model-girls, she sets a bad example for teens?

I think she understands it or guesses (at least) about this. But showbiz is cruel! And I think, her desire to keep her fans and even to gain more popularity is much stronger than common sense. I think, the pursuit of world-wide popularity makes many celebs forget about the common sense and keep to silly rules of showbiz. That’s a big problem of our times! Maybe, in the future something will change…

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Isn't the Beginning of a New Year Full of Dissapointment?

The beginning of a year is always the time of great expectations and hope for something new and better. But on the other hand, it is the time of big disappointments. It is a kind of paradox. But there are some reasons.

First, you can feel disappointed about the way you have spent Christmas holidays. The researches show that most people expect too much from Christmas. Many wait for a miracle. But then comes Christmas Eve and nothing special happens. The first disappointment.

Then the first bills of a new year come. It is a well-known fact that Americans spend millions and even billion dollars on Christmas presents. In January they receive their credit card bills and see that they have gotten in debt. Well, it is awful, but it is true. So, the first or the first two months we spend in efforts to recover our financial difficulties. It is one more disappointment in the beginning of a new year.

But my biggest disappointment at this time: I have gained 5 pounds during this Christmas holidays. It does make me a lot of trouble. I easily gain weight but it takes me a lot of effort and time to lose it. I think this problem concerns many women. And my weight makes me crazy!

So, begin 2008 year. But I don’t feel happy (at least now) and more, all I feel is great disappointment….