Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do You Need a Credit Card?

I was browsing the Internet yesterday and found a good website CreditCardBest.com. This site seems to be very helpful for those who are looking for a credit card. With the help of the site you will easily find a card that will meet your requirements.
Credit cards are arranged here by several categories: offers for different types of credit history, offers with reward programs, offers by issuer, top ten credit cards, etc.
So, consider your spending habits and needs and choose a card at CreditCardBest.com. The site provides reviews on all credit cards available online, so you can easily compare the offers side by side.
At the site you can also find a special service Credit Questions Centre. You will be able to find answer to all possible credit card questions. If you have a particular question you can submit it, and credit experts will answer it very soon. The service is for free.
Visit CreditCardBest.com and you will learn a lot of useful information about credit cards.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Handle Credit Card Wisely?

How to handle credit card wisely? How to avoid debt? Many people are concerned about these questions. There are lots of articles about credit cards and wise credit card management. Financial experts keep on repeating the simple rules of proper credit card usage but still, there are much more consumers with poor credit history than those with good credit rating.
So, what are the simple rules of wise credit card management?
1. Pay all your bills on time. Try to make your payments beforehand, not on the due date.
2. Never exceed credit limit. Every time you are over your credit limit, you are charged the high penalty fee. Besides, your credit score falls dramatically.
3. Try to pay your balance in full every month. Thus, you will save on interest charges.
4. Check your credit report regularly to make sure that it contains no mistake and to prevent fraudulent actions.
Be responsible! Mind, credit cards are not plastic toys!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take Control of Your Spendings!

Have you heard, credit card companies are increasing credit fees? The credit crisis left its impact. Credit card companies are afraid to lose money again. They have raised interest rates, now they are boosting fees.
Do you want to pay all these fees? I suppose, no. That means all of us should be more responsible with credit cards.
Of course, fees increase is bad news. But on the other hand, it will make careless card holders think before to blue money. Besides, many of us will become more accurate with our bills, as I believe, nobody wants to pay a high late fee. So, it is time to take control of our spending habits!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Why to Read Credit Agreement?

Are credit cards good or evil? If you think that credit is evil, you probably face financial problems and can’t manage your finances. I have many friends who have problems with their credit cards. The question is: Why you, people, never read credit agreements? They are worth of your close attention.
Credit cards do not give free money, they only let you buy now and pay later. If you want to benefit from credit cards but not to get into debt, you must know exactly your interest rates (Intro APR and ongoing interest rate), fees, possible penalty fees. Only then you will be able to calculate the real cost of your credit card. So, you will have to read your credit agreement carefully in order to take your credit under control. Any financial consultant will tell you, that if you want to be a success in credit cards you must read your credit agreement and realize the real cost of your credit card. Listen to their advise and you will avoid many problems.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How Much Do You Need?

Money. How to get big money? It is the talk of the town. But what means big money? How much do you need to live happily and feel free?
Six months ago I thought I would be happy if I could make 500 bucks more than I had made. Now I have the salary I was dreaming of. But what do you think? It is not enough for me. My expenses have increased. Now I need more. Much more. It is a rat race!!!
I am sure I am not alone with this problem. The thing is a human being rare feels satisfied when it concerns money. Ask any celebrity does he/she have enough money. They say, yes, they make big money but they have to spend a lot too. So, the question is how to be satisfied with what you have? How to feel free from money?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am Pulling My Belt

Yesterday I was checking my monthly bills and it struck my mind that I waste my money. I make more purchases that I can afford and never save money. I am going on vacation at the end of September, so I need to save some money. Well, I have to pull in my belt.
I have decided to reduce my credit card debt or even to eliminate it. So, I am looking for balance transfers.
I’ve learned, if you manage to get a balance transfer card with a low ongoing interest rate, you will save a lot on interest charges and will be able to pay off your debt. I think it is a good deal. So, I will take my chance.

Do You Want to Be Rich and Famous?

Do you want to be rich and famous? Many people would answer without hesitating “YES”. But I say no. I am not a person who is striving to become famous.
Of course, I want to feel free with money. I want to buy the things I like and never worry whether there is enough money on my credit card or not. I want to live in luxurious apartments, spend vacation at expensive spa resorts, drive Porsche and so on and so forth.
But when I think of all these fans and paparazzi who are hunting for you everywhere… It is awful! No doubt, having become famous you will hardly have normal life. Besides, how you will enjoy your vacation at a spa or being at a luxurious party, when there are paparazzi who are striving to make a picture of you when you fall down.
There is one more thing why I will hardly become famous some day. I am not the person who is ready to run myself ragged, I do not want to work 24/7 and have unlimited workday. It is not for me!
So, I’ll better do the job I like and will enjoy what I have.