Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Isn't difference is beautiful?

Yesterday I saw Paris Hilton on TV. She had a breast augmentation. I can’t say that she is looking awful now but I think she was prettier without it. Now she is looking the same as many other Hollywood stars. She lost her individuality.

I am wondering why so many people undergo plastic operations today? Why they want to be all alike? The Nature made us different, not alike. And what? Many are striving to some beauty ideal, they go to plastic surgeons and then get similar faces with silicone in lips, equal nose and so on. But what is this beauty ideal? I think, everyone understands beauty in their own way and there can’t be a unanimous ideal. And besides isn’t difference is beautiful?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas is comming!

Christmas is comming! It is all in the air! Everybody is hunting for gifts. So, do I. But I can't decide what to buy. There are lots of things everywhere, but... I can't choose a thing! Everything seems to be trivial and boring... So, I have nothing to do, but to shop and to shop for something special. I wonder, whether everybody have the same problem. Or there are people who always know what to present to their friends and relatives?