Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How to Save on Trips an Earn Some Money Back

I am going to visit Prague on my two week vacation this winter. I have never been there. I think, Prague is one of the most beautiful Europe cities. It looks like a fairy-city in winter, and I want to visit this winter Fairyland…

But this post is not about Prague. The topic is a bit different. (Sorry, if I disappoint you.)

I want to talk about Airline credit cards. As I’ve said I am going to travel a bit this winter and my friends advised me to pay attention to credit cards for frequent flyers. I can’t say, I am a true frequent flyer but still I manage to fly somewhere two/three times a year. Well, searching for an airline credit card I discovered that these cards can be quite beneficial. For instance, I chose Miles by Discover card and now I have 0% intro APR for six months and ongoing APR will hardly jump too high. Besides I earn double Miles on travel and 1 Mile for every dollar spent on purchases. I think it is a good offer. Don’t you?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Christmas Wish List

The Christmas is coming! Only six days are left! I have decided to make my Wish List. Maybe, Santa will see it. Who knows? Santa can be a blogger, too!

1. 1. Happiness for me, my friends, parents, relatives, colleagues, and everybody in the world.

2. 2. People would become more tolerant to each other.

3. 3. No war.

4. 4. No floods, conflagrations, earthquakes, drought, famine, etc.

5. 5. More joy and fun.

6. 6. More parties and beautiful dresses.

7. 7. Swatch watch.

8. 8. Diamond earrings.

Hey, Santa! Can you make my dreams come true? Or am I asking too much?

OK, you can give me diamond earrings next time...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Does Horoscope Determine Us in Everything?

Yesterday I met a friend of mine. She is crazy about horoscopes. She reads horoscope every day in a newspaper and she is upset every time something unpleasant is predicted for her. She always finds out what sign her possible boyfriend is and if he is a sign that doesn’t match hers she leaves him. She does believe in all this stuff!

Yesterday she declared me that she found out why she has so many problems with her finance. The reason of all her financial failures is her star sign! It is destiny and she can do nothing about it! She read an article that said, horoscope determines our attitude to money. So, she is a Libra and she is destined to have problems with money. Can you believe in this? I think it is nonsense! I think all this horoscope stuff is one more way to find an excuse for your mistakes. And that’s all.

Read the article How Can Signs of the Zodiac Influence Credit Card Deals
and , maybe, you will learn something new about yourself.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Drive to work in a group

We are constantly talking about environment pollution. All of us see the side effects the pollution has brought in our life. First of all, it is global warming. Many scientists blame global warming for many recent disasters in the world: floods, earthquakes, drought and conflagrations. You will hardly find a man you hasn’t heard about all these disasters and who has never thought about the pollution. We often hear and discuss the ways to prevent the further environment pollution and save our planet. But why we still do nothing?

I am not talking about global problems and global solutions, but look around. How many traffic jams you see in a city? Just think, how much you can do for the Earth just driving to work with your neighbors or friends? If most of us join someone and drive to work or college or anywhere else with friends or neighbors, there will be less vehicles on the streets. There will be less jams and the air will become cleaner. I think, it is quite convenient and funny to drive with friends. Just think about it. And finally, do something to reduce the air pollution.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Isn't difference is beautiful?

Yesterday I saw Paris Hilton on TV. She had a breast augmentation. I can’t say that she is looking awful now but I think she was prettier without it. Now she is looking the same as many other Hollywood stars. She lost her individuality.

I am wondering why so many people undergo plastic operations today? Why they want to be all alike? The Nature made us different, not alike. And what? Many are striving to some beauty ideal, they go to plastic surgeons and then get similar faces with silicone in lips, equal nose and so on. But what is this beauty ideal? I think, everyone understands beauty in their own way and there can’t be a unanimous ideal. And besides isn’t difference is beautiful?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas is comming!

Christmas is comming! It is all in the air! Everybody is hunting for gifts. So, do I. But I can't decide what to buy. There are lots of things everywhere, but... I can't choose a thing! Everything seems to be trivial and boring... So, I have nothing to do, but to shop and to shop for something special. I wonder, whether everybody have the same problem. Or there are people who always know what to present to their friends and relatives?