Thursday, September 18, 2008

Credit Card Information

If you want to be a success in personal finance management, you should learn about budgeting and credit cards, as much as possible. To learn more about credit cards you can contact your bank, but the information they provide often turns out to be too complicated. You can consult a financial specialist, but financial consultations may cost you a pretty penny. There is another way to become an expert in credit cards, and be always in the know of what happens on the credit market. Visit There you will find articles on credit deals and up-today news about the credit market. If you browse the site, you also find informative reviews on all credit cards available online.

Sanrio Doghouse

Do you like dogs? Do you like to please your pet? Lots of Japanese have pets and they do their best to indulge beloved cats and dogs. Sanrio created a special doghouse that is sure to become a favorable place for every dog. You can find this doghouse at a department store in Tokyo and it costs only $ 31,660. It has 7,600 Swarovski crystal beads and is large enough for a Chihuahua or terrier.

I think Japanese are crazy about such useless things! Do the creators of the doghouse believe that dogs really need such a house?! Have you ever see a dog who would care about Swarovski crystals? Nonsense!

Crisis on the Market

Just think, stocks fell by nearly 5% in New York. It turns out that American market is even in deeper crisis than specialists has been speaking. NY Times says, the problems in the American financial system will inflict further damage . Here is the article

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wise Time Management

How to plan your day and use every minute to achieve maximum in your business day? It is a real problem for me to plan my day in such a way that I will waste no minute. I try to plan my every day, I often make Must Do lists. But still, I often feel that time is running out and I haven’t finished this or that. I always feel short of time. Time management is my big problem. I’ve read some articles on wise time management, but they didn’t help me. Time is still running out and I have so many things to do....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


How to get motivated? No doubt, every job demands personal motivation. Of course, money is a good cause to work hard, but your job should give you something beside money. Even when you manage to find a work place that will meet all your requirements and bring you satisfaction, there can come a period of time when you are tired and sick of your work. So, what you shall do at that time? Will you quit your job and start looking for a new place? Some people will do in this way, but I believe most of us will try to get more motivated.

If you are tired of your current work, ask yourself the following questions: why I was striving to this work place, what it gives me, what benefits can I get from it (money, career, moral satisfaction), what is special about my job. Sure, you will find a cause to keep to your work. If not, maybe it is time to look for another place?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

No doubt, everyone has ever heard about the advantages of balance transfer credit cards. This type of plastics can become a helping hand if you want to cut your debt. But before applying for a balance transfer, consider some points about balance transfers.
  • Pay attention to balance transfer fee. Transferring you high interest rate balance onto a card with lower interests, you are to be charged a balance transfer fee. It is a one - time fee that usually makes from 1% to 3% of the entire balance you are going to shift. So learn, the fee before to sign for a card otherwise the “beneficial” balance transfer will cost you a penny.
  • Annual fee. No doubt, it is more beneficial to apply for a no annual fee credit card. But if you find a suitable balance transfer card with a small annual fee, do not neglect this offer. Mind, balance transfer cards let you get rid of debt, an annual fee will hardly become a big obstacle.
  • Ongoing interest rates. Lots of consumers neglect reading credit applications up to the end. If you are going to apply for a balance transfer card and do not want to end up with high interest rate debt, pay attention not only to promoting rates but to ongoing APRs as well. Make sure, that in case you fail to pay your balance within an introductory period, you will be able to manage your interest rates in order to reduce debt.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Manage Your Stress

How to manage stress? I think lots of office clerks are concerned about this question. No doubt, office work gives lots of negative emotions: you are always short of time, have to communicate with lots of people, there are always lots of things to do. Moreover, you rarely have enough sleep and by weekends you often feel tired to death.

No doubt, everyone has ever heard about the ways to relax and overcome stress: aromatherapy, color therapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, etc. I’m sure everyone can name lots of methods to manage stress. Personally, I’ve chosen sport.

I’ve been taking classes in fitness club for half a year. I can say it works! I have good sleep, I feel the vitality of the body, and I like what I see in the mirror. Stress is not a problem for me now.

So, I advise everybody: do not complain about your stress, just do something. Try different methods of stress management and you are sure to find one that you will like and that will give you virility and vitality.