Friday, October 31, 2008

Dating Sites

Have you ever visited Dating sites? I decided to try. Frankly speaking, my friend told me into this. Well, I’ve gotten many messages. But, unfortunately, they are all stupid, nothing special. I think, most of the people on such websites are freaks. I don’t understand, how adequate people manage to find a match there!

My cousin met her husband on one of such sites. She says, she met a lot of interesting people in the Internet. But I haven’t seen any interesting person on the dating site I visited. Maybe, I was expecting too much? Or, it is me who is not adequate? Who knows….

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Nessa said...

Hi Susan!

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment at Mumblings, much appreciated :)

Regarding dating sites, I guess it's like a game of chance. I met a really nice fella who has become a close friend, but it was from a friendship site, not the dating kind.

Have a pleasant week ahead :)