Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being Thrifty

The crisis makes us cut down expenses. The latest researches show, that being thrifty turns out to be a hard task for lots of people. The thing is human expenses have grown up much for the latest decade. People (all over the world) lost the ability to economize.

Check out your month expenses and you will see how much money you waste every month. I believe, there are people who are able to live thrifty but they are really few in number.

I admit - I am a spendthrift. I’ve written down all my expenses for two last weeks. I realized – I waste money. I buy lots of useless things. All my attempts to cut down the expenses failed. And now I’m looking for ways to become economical , for the ways that really works. If I do not start save today, I’m afraid, I will have no money to buy Christmas gifts for my close people.

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Kuririn a.k.a. Pshika said...

yeah you are right about that. That's why,I want to improve my self control. So I could resist temptations, and now I really make sure that I save first,before I buy anything I want..I love your blog. I'm gonna add this on my follow list. good day!