Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My 16-years old niece is a Justin Timberlake fan. She buys his albums, concert DVDs, and never misses a show when he takes a part in it. The walls in her room are covered with his posters. All she is dreaming about is to visit Justin’s show, meet him. He is Everything for her. All her life. (at least, she says so)

No doubt, everyone has ever see fans on a show: they cry and tears are running when they see their Idol. But I never understand fans. Girl-fans always say they are in love with this or that singer/actor. They are dreaming about him. But is it really possible to love a person you never meet, you never talk to? What it is like to love a Dream?


E. Peevie said...

Did your niece get to see Justin T. on SNL? He was so great that I now have a crush on him. Maybe she can find it on YouTube.

I totally get the celebrity crush thing. I have a bunch of celebrity boyfriends.

What is it like to love a dream? It's harmless fun, and kind of silly.

Thanks for commenting on The Green Room!

joytoy said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. Anyway, i was mistaken if i put best fren. Actually, she's only a friend not a best friend. hehehe.